Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure

Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - 22g Cursed Treasure

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IgnatGames® Cursed Treasure  22 grams darts set for 2 players was carefully designed to meet the needs of pro and casual players alike, providing a sturdy and beautifully-crafted solution. 

The cleverly-placed barrel knurling of these steel tip darts offers excellent grip points, leading to consistent hand placement and better accuracy.


SUPERIOR VALUE for the Cursed Treasure Darts Bundle:

  • 6 Darts Brass Barrels 22g
  • 6 2ba Aluminum Shafts (rubber O' rings included)
  • 16 Airblade Poly Standard Flights with 2 color options
  • 1 Stone Dart Sharpener 
  • 1 Dart Special Wrench
  • 1 Carrying case
  • 1 Darts e-guide (step-by-step guidance, illustrations, and darts scoreboard templates included)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 332 reviews
    Built well, heavy duty shafts, tight flights

    Great feel and balance. I'm a novice, so my experience is limited. But, compared to the trashy darts that came with my Eclipse Pro dart board, these are ten times better. Any complaints I've read about these seems to be more about shipping problems or user error than actual product problems. The shafts tighten up very well, using another dart. Flights stay tight, which is why they're not easy to install. Included sharpening stone is a great addition. Nice storage box, but only useful with no flights installed. Beautiful contrasting set, with reversed colors on 3 of them. I really love these darts! A good buy!

    Great Darts

    Really like them.


    They are absolutely consistent and amazing

    Very Good darts

    These are very good darts at a very good price. I have a tungsten set I use. Needed some guest darts. I threw them for a bit and highly approve. Function, feel and aesthetics are all great. Super product.

    Great package for beginner

    I know nothing about darts, but thought it might be a something entertaining to do during these strange times. Ordered up these darts after trying to figure out what would be suitable for a complete neophyte. They came in a great package, along with a number of downloadable offers through Ignat. The darts seem to be very well made, and are certainly nice to look at. Looking forward to learning more about the game and trying the variations shown in the e-book that came with them