About Us

At IgnatGames, we are all players just like you. For this reason, we decided to craft the perfect darts and pool tools, the kind you simply fall in love with, as they make you feel unique.

How did it all begin? Let’s hear it from our founder, Cristian.

‘I’ve been a darts fan for many years before I decided to start IgnatGames. I’ve never imagined I would end up producing my own darts gear until I lost a game a few years ago … and the bet that came along with it. Although I had been training for weeks, I ended up losing because I wasn’t using the right darts. No matter how hard I struggled to hit the target, my darts simply didn’t have the right trajectory and the shafts were too loose. After this experience, I decided to create the perfect darts set for pros and amateurs alike, and this is how IgnatGames started.’

What makes our products special is their unique design. Each item has one-of-a-kind features that help it deliver excellent results.

We never release a product we ourselves wouldn’t use. We invest months in research and development to offer you quality darts and pool accessories that make you stand out and help you sharpen your skills.