Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)
Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)
Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)
Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)
Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)

Pool Cue Stick - 20 oz. 58" Canadian Maple (Green)

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If you’re looking for a high-quality cue with exotic detailing that is also affordable, your quest is over. This reliable and durable IgnatGames cue is ideal for players of all levels.
Our cue stick is made of A-grade Canadian maple wood and has a comfortable black leather paint wrap, 5/16x18 stainless steel joint, 13 mm leather tip, and fiber ferrule.
With a compact hit, this cue can meet the needs of beginners and professional players who prefer the solid stroke of a wood-to-wood joint.
The advantages of our pool cue:
  • The long pro taper ensures added consistency and feel
  • The anti-slip black leather paint wrap provides a soft but safe grip, boosting your confidence and precision
  • You get the ideal combination of cue ball control and consistency thanks to the 13 mm 6-layer soft leather tip
  • The cue assembles quickly and easily with its wood-to-wood stainless steel quick-release joint and sturdy pin
  • This hard rock maple cue provides tested durability and longevity
Along with the pool cue, you get all the items you need to start playing pool like a pro!
Package includes:
  • A compact tip tool that helps you keep your cue in great shape. It includes a scuffer that roughens up the tip’s surface, a sharper that contours the tip to the desired dome curvature, and an aerator to slightly break up the surface of the tip. You can also use it as a joint protector.
  • A 3-finger black spandex glove suitable for both hands to help your pool cue shaft slide easier and reduce friction, making your stroke more consistent and accurate.
  • A portable rubber chalk holder that works with any pool cue chalk size or shape, with 2 chalk cubes included.
  • A spacious PVC black leather case with a strap that provides excellent protection for your cue. It allows you to carry one butt and one shaft and there is an extra pocket for accessories.
  • ...and, of course, the high-quality 2 -piece, 58" pool cue that is highly appreciated by most players


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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Paul Hampton
Good for what it costs

This was my first cue that I bought for myself. The case and accessories that came with it are fine, except the chalk, the chalk was garbage. The cue itself was straight, the correct weight and fairly good quality. I particularly liked the faux-leather grip. As of now, it has been relegated to my break cue and it's been handling that abuse very well. The tip does come flat so there is some initial maintenance, that's not a negative, just something that i feel should be mentioned. There is a small amount of gap (I'm talking like .5 mm) between the two halves when screwed together. This hasn't caused any noticeable buzzing or anything when I hit with it, but it's there and the reason (along with the chalk) I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5. Overall, well worth the money and I've enjoyed using it. Seriously though, don't use the chalk it comes with, it's awful.

Diego Y.
Deberían de tener más cuidado con los envíos por lo demás bien

Deberían de tener más cuidado con los envíos sin embargo el taco no llegó tan dañado está bonito el color es un poco más apagado de lo que se ve en la foto, pero si tienen un problema se los solucionan rápido ademas de que te incluye un regalo por la compra del producto.Como a mi me llego dañado le doy 4 estrellas poque realmente el taco de billar es de buena calidad.

Angel Hernandez

Just right

This was overall a really good cue

The one I purchased weighed perfectly was a perfect length and on top of that it fit my hand perfectly!

Rafael P.
Great value

Quality for price. Shaft is a little softer than hoped for. Customer service is excellent. Great warranty