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Our love of darts lies at the very foundation of IgnatGames. We started this company with one purpose in mind – creating unique gear that makes players stand out.

Our beautifully-crafted darts and pool accessories are designed to improve your accuracy and help you perfect your technique.

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Professional Dartboard Set
We designed the perfect dartboard for your needs. This unique product is made of premium quality Kenian sisal that allows darts to easily penetrate the surface and eliminates the risk of pesky bounce-outs.
The self-healing fibers structure ensures a fast recovery after you remove the darts, so you can count on your dartboard’s longevity.
To further boost your game and help you sharpen your skills, this dartboard is provided with a complete staple-free wire system that will increase your scoring area with up to 15%.
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Our method

Every product we design stems from an in-depth analysis of your needs and aims to improve your game. We invest months in product development and testing to obtain uniquely crafted items that deliver excellent results while making each player feel special. This is how our team of passionate and fun-loving experts has managed to design long-lasting, authentic dartboards that tackle the problem of bounce-outs, and reliable darts sets that boost precision.