Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)
Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)

Brass Steel Tip Darts Set - Mega Blast (12 pack)

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The most popular type of darts you can come across, especially in pubs and bars are brass darts. 

These mainstream darts are quite affordable and suitable for beginners. Our quality brass darts set for 2 players was carefully designed to meet the needs of pro and casual players alike, providing a sturdy and beautifully-crafted solution. 
The cleverly-placed barrel knurling of these steel tip darts offers excellent grip points, leading to consistent hand placement. These medium weight darts will help you boost your accuracy and scores.  
To enhance your brass darts’ lifespan, we provide a complimentary uniquely-designed case with magnetic closure and a custom-made EVA foam insert that will protect your darts from scratches, dust, or moisture and allow you to store and carry them with ease.  
For a pleasurable experience, we provide our darts with rubber O’rings that eliminate the need to re-tighten them, allowing you to focus on the game with no interruptions. 
The aluminum shafts of these hammerhead darts are unbreakable and the package also includes a free dart sharpener that helps you keep the darts’ tips sharp and minimize bouncing.  
The advantages of our brass darts: 
  • They are a durable, yet affordable addition to your darts gear 
  • Brass darts are suitable for those who prefer to use a larger darts barrel and gain more stability 
  • Their unique and sturdy design ensures longevity while allowing players of all levels to enjoy them  
  • IgnatGames brass darts optimize the flight trajectory, offering improved lift and allowing you to hone your throwing skills with little effort 
  • They come in a comprehensive package containing a stylish EVA case, a dart sharpener, and our guide eBook "35 Ways to Play Darts" 
  • They are backed by a 10-year warranty once you register your acquisition online 
Set includes: 
  • 12 Brass Barrels  
  • 12 Unbreakable aluminum shafts with rubber O' rings  
  • 16 Poly standard flights designed to reduce air resistance with 2 extra flights and 4 color options 
  • Dart sharpener 
  • Caring case 
  • Darts e-guide  
Start perfecting your throwing skills with this premium brass darts set!  


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Darts! Worth every penny!

Amazing Darts! I was blown away with the quality of everything. The different weights on each set is so cool! They are very sturdy thanks to the rubber washers so you don't have to constantly retwist. They are very sharp, but include a sharpener for future dullness. Even the box with magnetic lid is fantastic to store or carry your darts. Of I could give 10 starts, I would! Worth every penny and Will recommend to any dart players out there!

High quality darts for every player.

I have played a few rounds with these new darts, and they are really nice! Four sets, each with a different weight, so players can choose their preferred dart weight. And I think it did actually improve my accuracy!

Beautiful darts

these darts feel great. look great, the weight it perfect. no complaints thus far.

Quality product

Very good looking and good quality. A pleasure to play with.

Love the variety