IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades
IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades
IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades
IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades
IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades

IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades

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  • IgnatGames Darts | Professional Soft Tip Darts Set | 16g Hound of Hades

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If throwing professional darts at your electronic dartboard is your favorite pastime, then you need reliable soft tip darts that don’t break, bounce or fly astray. With these professional soft tip darts set, you can enjoy the darts experience you deserve.

Here is why:
  • These beautifully-crafted darts look and feel great in your hand, offering excellent grip points and consistent hand placement thanks to their cleverly-placed barrel knurling. The result is a better flight trajectory, enhanced control, and accuracy.
  • Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll appreciate these elegant and resistant darts that offer optimum lift and stability, allowing you to sharpen your skills or exploit your full potential.
  • Provided with rubber O'rings, these darts eliminate the need to re-tighten, allowing you to concentrate on the game with no more interruptions.
  • This professional set of black brass darts with soft tips and different weights has a sturdy design. Durable and reliable, these darts are nearly unbreakable.
  • Their great longevity is backed by a 10-year warranty you get when registering your purchase.
  • Accompanied by a stylish EVA case with magnetic closure, the IgnatGames soft tip darts are easy to carry, deposit, and protect from impact, dust, or moisture. Always keep them in their original case and minimize the risk of losing or misplacing them.
Package includes:
  • 6 Brass Barrels Darts of 16 grams with optimal grip points that will boost your control and throwing accuracy.
  • 6 Unbreakable Aluminum Shafts with 2BA slots and O’rings that stabilize the darts’ flight path.
  • 12 Rubber O' rings you can rely on as spare parts.
  • 16 Flights: 8 Poly Standard Flights (34 mm2) & 8 Poly Slim Flights (26 mm2) in 2 colors, designed to reduce air resistance.
  • 100 Durable Plastic Dart Tips that will last for a long while.
  • A Steel Darts Wrench with Unique Design to keep your professional darts set in good shape and ready for the next match.
  • A Premium Carry Case with magnetic closure, EVA foam interior, and sealing foil.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Extremely good quality

The darts are awesomely designed and come with a ton of extra tips I look forward to using them regularly!

Becca Ayotte
New Tips

I really like the texture and the design on the arrows. However, inserting the feather in the top is not very easy. They come with replacement chips, spare feathers and a tool.. the heavier weight ones seem to work the best.

Nice dart set plenty of extra parts.

Need to have metal dart tips included with set.

Great quality

Great purchases for the money

Joshua Cox

Now I'm certainly not a professional or anything, but I do throw darts a few times a week. These have a great feel and are made really well. Definitely happy with this purchase.