Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro
Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro

Professional Dart Board Set - Assassin Elite Pro

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Carefully designed, easy to mount, and suitable even for absolute beginners, IgnatGames® Professional Dartboard Set allows you a higher target rate achievement and it will boost your darts experience


professional dart board

The entirely staple-free darts board wire system increases the scoring area by up to 15%. The ultra-slim segmentation system is 65% thinner than the conventional round wire system, further increasing the scoring area.



The super-dense high-grade Kenyan sisal bristle fibers with the self-healing ability provide you with a deep and durable playing surface. Change the removable metallic numbers ring position and give the bristles a few hours to heal effectively for extra longevity.


professional darts set

Complete with a set of professional darts for two players, you have anything you need to play. Fitted with 2 sets of differently colored flights, you and your opponent can start practicing as soon as you get your dartboard set.


  • 1 Professional Dartboard
  • 6 Professional Steel Tip Darts Black Furry 20grams
  • 1 Darts Measuring Tape 
  • 1 Plug & Play web key containing the practical darts guide "35 Ways to Play    Darts” 
  • 1 Complete mounting kit with bracket, bumpers, bolts, and instructions. Full color printed carton case ready for a perfect gift


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Customer Reviews

Based on 379 reviews
Love the board.

The board looks great and so far seems to be healing after last night's games. Great addition to the den.

Much more enjoyable game

If your current board is one with staples and big wire, you will notice a huge increase in performance with this staple free thin webbed board. Bounce outs for a beginner like me were beyond frustrating. With no doubt in my mind, everyone caused me to lose a doub or trip of the number I was aiming for. Lol, atleast that what I would say. If your prone to bounce outs like me, from the first dart thrown at this,, you will be happy and spend more time explaining why you are missing all those shots that you were robbed of on your old board. Bounce outs now are so seldom, I don't really even notice them as an issue. It is very rare I have one now.Score reflects the improved play. Without staples, your target area is bigger and my scoring has improved. It is actually enjoyable watching the numbers going up.This is a much tighter board than my old one and the one I play on at a friend's house. You need to throw your dart, lobs won't do well here. I now almost bury the dart on my friends board that is basically what I had before this gem.If you have a stapled webbing with thick wires, I highly recommend you get this. If you don't have a board, get a cheap one. Then get this so you too can see the difference the web and staples make.Only complaint my be me with activation of the warranty. If the customer service is as good as the board, this review will be a 5 star, an easy 5 star. Even the darts that came with it have become my go to as of now. Atleast until I get my tungsten set.Very pleased with the entire set and being able to play, Bounce outs can become very aggravating and I have no complaints now.I play an average of an hour or two atleast daily. Have had the board a month and it is hold up well.

jb k.c. mo.
NO bounce outs, heals like NEW

This is the best board I've ever had. 1st 30 darts as test - NO bounce outs, and the healing quality * fantastic* all parts to set up are there, and NOTHING in 2 purchases was cheaply made. The 10 year guarantee on products tops it off," BUY HERE". Tell them JB sent you, enjoy your FREE GIFT ! !

Everything it’s advertised to be!

We had a bristle board with really wide wires…frustrating when darts would land on the floor so we decided to replace it with this set! Plan to play our first game this weekend, but we can tell already that wires won’t be the issue if the dart lands on the floor!!

Susan Bylsma
Worth the money

Well made, sturdy mounting system…excellent product for the money